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Title:Sad, But True
Author: cindy_73 or The Moof at FF.Net.
Rating: The Saddening The Saddenning
Summary: Tamaki has a new understanding of his friend Kyoya and it isn’t a pleasant one.
My Notes: This was inspired by Metallica’s song Sad, But True which fits Tamaki’s and Kyoya’s relationship with each other in an odd sort of way. As for the 1,000 yen whore thingy, 1,000 yen (1,002.51 yen technically) is the same as $10.00 in US dollars, hence the phrase “like a ten dollar whore.” Also, what Tamaki read in Kyoya’s notebook, well I have really no clue. But all I can figure it wasn’t pretty so to speak, especially when Kyoya catches Tamaki reading it.
One Good Thing About This Fic: I did use a spellcheck and a grammar check on it, as well has gone through it a few times. But if I was going to be flamed for anything I rather have it be for my spelling and grammar.
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Mary Sue! I have found you!

Title: Mazushi's Unexpected New Life
Link: Here
Author: : Tammyecklemoom
Rating: The horrible!
Summary: "Mazushi was adopted by Hikaru and Kaoru's mom after being hit by there limo while she was running from security guards for shop lifting ....."
My Notes: This is just about the best example of a Mary Sue. You need to learn what your character can't be? Look at this story.
One Good Thing About This Fic: It's readable.
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Title: Babysitting
Link: Here
Author: RizaMustang24
Rating: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The horrible!
Summary: "Haruhi needs money, so she takes up babysitting. Kyouya allows her to bring the child to Club. So, the child tortures Kaoru until Kaoru can't even think straight. Only, this makes it so that Kaoru and Hikaru have to come to terms together. Lover? Friend?"
My Notes: Okay, after a while, it's definitely NOT about babysitting anymore. And it's a continuous cycle: twins are in love, they fight, one twin gets a girlfriend [or boyfriend], make up, break up, rinse, lather, repeat. Plus, WTF @ little girl obsessed with religion. Or whatever. Who knows.
One Good Thing About This Fic: She has proper punctuation/capitalization/grammar. Readable!